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House Clearing 101
Workshop with Kat Lipinski

Friday January 26, 2018
Fee $25 (Includes Libations a Smudge Stick)
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
at the Bobcaygeon Zen Den
(80 Bolton St - Unit B)

Kat was born into a long line of Empaths, Intuitives and Channelers. She is a Polish Gypsy. The "Gypsy" (or properly termed Roma) people have been known for centuries for their powerful gifts in the spiritual arts. Kat comes by her abilities naturally but has also studied Tarot and other divination practices for over 20 years.

Come and join us at the Zen Den and discover the ancient art of Smudging.
Even the happiest homes over time can accumulate negative vibrations, it is good to smudge your home thoroughly at least several times a year. January is a perfect time to clear out any negative vibrations and welcome the new. You can use the practices of this workshop to smudge your office space, to clear your own energy, to clear the energy of other people and more!

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