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10 Week Development Circle
with Owen Ryan

Meet & Greet Open Circle: 
Monday Jan 15, 2018 - $10
Afternoon: 2-3:30 PM
& Evening 7-8:30 PM

Closed Circle:
Mondays Jan 22-Apr 9​

​$100 for 10 Circles
Afternoon: 2-3:30 PM
& Evening 7-8:30 PM

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The Circles are taking place at the Zen Den
located at 80 Bolton St. (Unit B) Bobcaygeon, ON
Beyond the Basics – Expanding the Message – Holding the Link
10-week Psychic/ Mediumship Development Circle at The Zen Den

Facilitated by Owen Ryan

The intent of this circle is to help you, the budding medium, to gain confidence, develop your psychic
and mediumistic skills using the technique of Sitting in the Power.

Sitting in the power a form of meditation, taught first by Gordon Higginson. It is also known as Sitting
with Spirit or Sitting in the Silence. It involves relaxing the body, clearing your mind and allowing
yourself to spend time within the Power; building your own power, attuning to and blending with the
Power of Spirit World. By sitting in the power, and with time and practice, the medium is able to hold and keep a strong connection with those in Spirit World for longer periods of time in order to receive and relay
information between those in Spirit and their loved ones here on the earth plane.
The Power is the fuel that makes mediumship work. Power manifests Spirit World to make
communication possible. - Martin Twycross

Each session will consist of:
– a meditation to building up and sitting in the power, connecting and communicating with Spirit
World for delivering messages to others in the circle.
Giving messages
– Knowledge and thought exchange

The facilitator of this workshop is Kawartha Mediums Member Owen Ryan.
Owen is the current president of The Star of Hope. He facilitates a guided meditation and co-facilitates a mediumship development circle at The Star of Hope.

Click Here to Register for the 10 Week Circle

To register in person please visit the
Kawartha Mediums Zen Den @ 80 Bolton St, Bobcaygeon

Inquiries email: [email protected]
Call 705-731-1107