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Why You Need to Fall in LOVE with Mercury Retrograde!
Psychic Emalee
Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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  1. Respond vs React - Who will be the Champion?!
    29 Mar, 2018
    Respond vs React - Who will be the Champion?!
    To React or to Respond that is the Question... First of all what is Reacting? Reacting Mode:  Is your knee jerk reaction to a situation that you come across. Your Brain utilizes your past experiences and feelings from similar situations and propels you to react instantly.  Wow that sounds like it could cause some trouble :( Ok so what's Responding Mean?.. Responding Mode: Is when you take a moment to assess your current situation and respond, based on how you feel it's best handle the
  2. 18 Mar, 2018
    Did You Know Some things are better done after the New Moon?!
    Happy Sunday March 18 (the day after the NEW MOON)!! Things to do after the New Moon: If you want something to grow (like a new business/relationship), begin after the new moon. For 2-3 days before a new moon, and for 12-24 hours after, if you can help it don't make any big decisions or take significant action. Do set your intentions by visualizing and imagining what you want to manifest and grow in your life. Take the first steps for action 1-2 days after the new moon. For a week after the new
  3. 17 Mar, 2018
    "Meditation Isn't Easy" True or False?
    "Meditation Isn't Easy" True or False? If you answered true: Is it because you find that your mind fills with thoughts the moment you attempt to keep it still? If so, seek comfort in knowing it is rare for a beginner to be able to focus attention for more than a few moments at a time. The trick to becoming an effective mediator is to go easy on yourself, be consistent and don't be discouraged. A few seconds, can turn into minutes when practising each day. Meditation can have tremendous benefits