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Kat Lipinski
Psychic Medium & Spiritual Counselor

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Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor

Kat was born into a long line of Empaths, Intuitives and Channelers. She is a Polish Gypsy. The "Gypsy" (or properly termed Roma) people have been known for centuries for their powerful gifts in the spiritual arts. Kat comes by her abilities naturally but has also studied Tarot and other divination practices for over 20 years.

Kat has always sought ways to help and heal. Her desire to ease suffering has pushed her into many diverse areas of study. Her background includes education in Veterinary Services, Social Work and Funeral Directing. Although so different from each other, all of these disciplines have helped Kat to hone in on her natural, spiritual gifts. 

She currently lives in Lindsay with her husband and fur-babies, and runs a private practice in Spiritual Therapy. She provides her clients with Tarot readings, spiritual guidance, and healing.

I met Kat at the Peterborough Spiritualist Center Psychic Fair. Out of several readers I intuitively picked Kat for a Tarot Reading which was very insightful.....in fact because of the information I was given I managed to avoid a potentially very dangerous situation that very evening....... Kat you saved my life! Thanks!
- Steve
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